Tania Gorsky, MS, OTR/L

Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist

Tania Gorsky earned a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Sage Graduate School, Troy, NY in 2008 and a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Studies: Concentration in Art Therapy from Russell Sage College, Troy, NY in 2006. Tania believes in addressing foundational skills in order to improve gross concerns. Building blocks, such as core strengthening, bilateral coordination, deep breathing, and visual attention, impact everyday tasks such as dressing, riding a bike, writing or paying attention in circle time. Tania works not only to empower her clients but to empower their parents to feel equipped in best helping their children develop. Overall, her belief is that each child comes with his or her own strengths and weaknesses and she loves discovering both, in order to further build confidence, facilitate growth, and nurture a sense of well-being.

Tania has worked within her profession to foster other occupational therapists' learning and experience by developing a Fieldwork Manual. In the past she focused on bringing developmental information and strategies to the community through interactive seminars for parents and professionals. Her post graduate training includes: ALERT Program- How Does Your Engine Run?, Vestibular Visual Integration, Behavioral Techniques in Treatment, and Early Intervention Treatment. Tania's professional interests include but are not limited to: Sensory Integration, Handwriting Without Tears, manual manipulation in therapy, and kinesthetic learning. She is a proud member of the American Occupational Therapy Association. On an off-work day, Tania may be found running a local women's book club, teaching ages 3-8 in a homeschool coop., or enjoying Washington's scenic landscapes and parks with her husband and two children.