Torticollis Treatment for
    Infants & Children

Torticollis (also called congenital muscular torticollis - CMT) is a condition that causes a baby's head and neck to tilt to one side and affects about 2% of newborns. Torticollis is commonly caused by posture before birth or injury sustained during birth. The telltale symptom is that the baby holds his/her head to one side and has limited neck movement. Sometimes the baby may have a small bump on the side of the neck. Torticollis is usually diagnosed within the first two months of a baby's life because even if parents don't spot it, a pediatrician will. Pediatricians refer to trained physical or occupational therapists for treatment to lengthen and stretch the tight neck muscles.

Torticollis Treatment for Infants and Children At MOSAIC:
Our Physical Therapists specialize in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of congenital torticollis. Our staff training has included coursework in the use of bracing and cranial orthosis as well as strategies for the development of organized and symmetrical postural responses, strength and flexibility during play.