Physical Therapy


At MOSAIC Children's Therapy we offer physical therapy to assist children with exercises that help strengthen and stretch their bodies to increase independence. Physical therapists are specially trained to understand the inner workings of muscles throughout our bodies. Many children exhibit difficulties in daily tasks as simple as having correct posture, running, walking or even sitting in a chair. Our physical therapists are professionals who assist children to move and perform functional activities while promoting overall health and fitness. They use positive age appropriate activities to help children develop or regain muscle strength and endurance needed for daily activities. Areas that our therapist may provide evaluation and treatment include:

  • Increasing strength and flexibility of muscles and joints
  • Development of balance, postural control and coordination skills, such as standing on one foot or kicking a ball
  • Gross motor skills, ambulation, gait and mobility, such as rolling, crawling, running and jumping
  • Posture, positioning and equipment needs for mobility within the home, community and school settings
  • Development of home programs and caregiver training