Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapists refer to occupation in a broader sense. "Occupation" is any activity that an individual does in their everyday life that has meaning to them and occupies their time. A child's occupation is to play, learn, socialize with friends and engage in self-help skills.
Occupational therapists at MOSAIC use a play based family centered approach to assist children in developing these skills to their highest potential. The aim is to help children transition into adulthood with independence.

Pediatric occupational therapists at MOSAIC provide evaluation, treatment and consultation for:

  • Adaptive equipment and wheelchair management
  • Developmental delay and strength
  • Environmental modification for home and school
  • Executive functioning skills
  • Feeding and oral motor challenges
  • Fine motor, visual-motor and visual perceptual challenges
  • Functional vision differences
  • Handwriting and hand dexterity developmental challenges
  • Home program and sensory lifestyles
  • Motor planning and coordination
  • Neurological differences
  • Orthopedic and postural differences
  • Pediatric vestibular dysfunction
  • Play and socialization
  • Self-help and hygiene
  • Sensory modulation and processing challenges
  • Transitional skills for teens
  • Unintegrated primitive reflexes

OT staff at MOSAIC:

Our team of OT's and COTA's collaborate with families and other professionals in order to provide holistic treatment of your child. Our therapists have specialized training in the following areas and continue to add services as our team grows:

  • ALERT Program- How Does Your Engine Run?
  • Anxiety management
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Assistive technology
  • Astronaut Training
  • Autism treatment and behavior management
  • Craniosacral techniques
  • DIR/Floortime Model
  • Early intervention
  • Handwriting
  • Integrated Listening System: iLS
  • Neuro-developmental treatment approach
  • Oral motor assessment and intervention
  • Pediatric vestibular rehabilitation
  • Play and art therapy
  • Reflex integration
  • S.O.S approach to feeding
  • Sensory feeding assessment and intervention
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • SIPT
  • Upper extremity, hand therapy and splinting
  • Vision therapy
  • Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique

Where do I begin and what to expect:

Once you contact our clinic to seek occupational therapy services, you will be guided to complete the intake paperwork and insurance verification.

Your child will then be scheduled for an OT assessment. During this assessment, the occupational therapist will gather information from parents, and use various standardized assessments and skilled clinical interventions to obtain a baseline of your child's strengths and limitations.

After the assessment they will provide you with a brief overview of their recommendations followed by a detailed report. If your child qualifies for occupational therapy services, you will be guided to our scheduling staff who will help you find a regular ongoing treatment appointment with one of our highly skilled therapists.