Feeding Therapy


  • A play-based sensory motor approach to feeding
  • To increase your child's awareness, and tolerance to various food properties like smell, color, shape, consistency, texture, tastes
  • Teach your child to enjoy their meal

Is mealtime an everyday struggle in the family? Does your child...

  • Demonstrate "picky" eating
  • Have a very limited realm of food choices(even down to brand of food)
  • Show aversion or avoidance to food of a specific texture or smell or food group
  • Have difficulty transitioning from one form of food to another
  • Have behavioral meltdown during meals
  • Demonstrates choking, gagging or coughing while eating
  • Have difficulty controlling food within their mouth (chewing, tongue movements, sucking, etc.)
  • Have poor weight gain due to picky eating
  • Have a feeding tube

MOSAIC can help!