Behavioral Services


At MOSAIC Children's Therapy we offer a variety of behavioral services through our Blueprints division. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of families raising children/teens with behavioral challenges. Our goal is to help children, teens and families solve problems, improve interactions, and enjoy time spent together by changing behavior patterns and establishing new skills & strategies. We work with individuals and families in their homes, at school, and in other natural environments to coach, model, and support positive behavior change. We also provide behavioral intervention, when appropriate, in our clinic.

Our Approach

We take a constructional approach: we help people utilize their strengths & environmental assets to move forward, and achieve their desired outcomes.

We employ a multidisciplinary approach: we provide services that integrate evidence-based procedures from an array of disciplines in order to address our clients' individual needs.

We use science-based principles: we use strategies and tactics derived from basic and applied research to establish and improve social, language, communication, cognitive, fine/gross motor, adaptive skills.

We assess broadly: we derive our understanding of the variables affecting child and parent behavior from a variety of sources. We assess across four primary domains areas including medical & psychological, curricular, behavioral, & ecological, and use a variety of tools & strategies (e.g., child & family questionnaires, functional assessment interviews, standardized assessments, direct observation, etc.) to gather information in each domain area.

We take a systemic approach to improving lives: based on our assessment across all relevant settings, we develop a multifaceted plan that emphasizes prevention and the teaching of new skills.

We take an outcome-based approach: we help individuals & families select measureable goals that align with their desired outcomes (e.g., greater flexibility to participate in a wide range of community activities as a family, ability to develop and maintain friendships), and evaluate treatment efficacy based on the degree to which these outcomes are achieved.

Our Behavioral Services Often INCLUDE:

Behavioral Skills Training / Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)1
Working one-on-one, we teach and practice the specific skills your child/teen has not yet mastered, while capitalizing on their areas of strength. Material is personalized and relevant. Once skills are established in this context, their impact in other contexts can be seen quickly. Once skills are learned, results can be seen quickly.

Sibling and Peer Coaching
Helping siblings and peers strengthen relationships strained by a history of challenging behavior.

Parent Leadership Training
Teaching the specialized skills needed to successfully parent a child with challenging behavior: cultivating appropriate behavior while minimizing challenging ones; managing a child who is out of control; modeling preferred responses to desired behavior.

Family Coaching
Teaching, modeling and practicing respectful interactions and effective problem-solving strategies within your family's natural routines.

Behavioral Counseling
Addressing the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have resulted from the negative interactions, situations and consequences related to behavioral challenges.

School Consultation and Support
Partnering with your child/teen's school and collaborating with special services directors, administrators, and classroom teachers to establish support systems that allow for academic success.

1For children under the age of 6