• "Dr. Laura provided me with the tools through exercise therapy to manage my back pain daily and avoid surgery."
    Daniel B.

  • Here's the deal.

    I'm an active guy who gets myself into a lot of trouble. I worked full time hours at an amazing (and busy) cafe in Kirkland and it got my neck into all sorts of weird because I'm tall and the counters in the cafe, well, they weren't. I was hesitant to reach out to any physical therapy because I had previous experience with PT back in Boise that was less than sweet. But my neck pain reached a point where I needed to try. By chance, Mosaic was within walking distance of my apartment.

    It blew my mind that PT could be what Mosaic was. The staff was overtly friendly and, most importantly, invested in dynamic treatment that involved exactly what and how I was feeling each day. And they were kind enough to laugh at all my bad jokes, which is a huge plus.

    I received treatment for my neck for about three months at which time I'm discharged, as it were. I have exercises and recommendations to move forward with instead of just being "done" and "good luck!"

    So, then my active guy trouble-making hits its stride in late July, 2016, when I dislocate my shoulder. I'm out of town when it occurs, go to the local hospital, and that next morning, I call Mosaic to schedule rehabilitation. They get me an appointment the same week, they test my full range of motion, and they welcome me back like it's a family reunion. Not kidding. The community at Mosaic is absurdly awesome. Any business could learn something from this place when it comes to genuine service.

    Last week, I went and played disc golf again without a problem. I started a bodyweight exercise program and due to the excellent care, my shoulder feels great. I'm still doing cuff and strength exercises a few times a week, exercises that were given to me as continued therapy after I was discharged.

    And then there's Tasha.

    Tasha might be the best PT in the Pacific Northwest. She's damn good at what she does and there was never a moment in either of my PT schedules to Mosaic that I felt uncomfortable or as though I was liable for re-injury. On one of my last PT sessions, knowing that one of my goals was to throw an ultimate disc without trouble, she brought a disc into the office and we practice motion with different throws. THAT is personalized care and that shows class and dedication.

    Now, if you've made it this far, you might be thinking "okay guy, you seem biased. how much are they paying you." Quite the opposite my friend. I paid THEM to laugh at my bad jokes.

    But, in fairness, I should list some downsides to Mosaic. I think that's only fair. So, here are the downsides to Mosaic:

    1. They are flexible and work with your schedule. (If only they would cancel other people's appointments for me. Sheesh)
    2. They always smile. (I mean come on, smiling again? It's Monday)
    3. They won't schedule you for more sessions than you need. (Seriously? I love paying way more money than I need to. Jerks)
    4. They forced me to bring in coffee. (Well, I mean, it may be more like I volunteered to bring in coffee, but still, what the hell)

    So I hope that balanced it out for you. If it didn't, and it's still skewed way in favor of working with this amazing family and community at Mosaic, well, good. You may want to go be reckless like me just so you can experience what I'm talking about. Samuel H.

  • Thank you, Laura, for teaching me ways to combat/avoid pain in my arms from working. I want to continue performing my job until it's time to retire. I feel you have given me great tools so that I may continue on and live and work pain free. :) Love talking about the Seahawks with you!! [You, too, Adam!! ;) ]
    JoAnn Bowen

  • Thank you to everyone at MOSAIC, especially to Laura and Adam for helping me get back on track. I was unable to move 2 months ago without immense pain in my shoulder and neck. Your therapies, patience, encouragement, and expertise helped me regain full mobility. I appreciate all of your help and am feeling great!
    Thank you, thank you, I am forever grateful!
    Tina Moore

  • Thanks for all the great attention you and your crew gave me. I have improved so much physically and mentally since I first started coming to MOSAIC; I have and will continue to highly recommend you guys !!!!
    Thanks, Walter M.

  • Review posted on Angie's List, April 2014, by member Frank M.
    "They are excellent. The physical therapist pinpointed exactly where the pain was coming from and she was able to introduce exactly the therapy I needed. The staff was very nice, friendly, and helpful. I had questions regarding insurance issues and they answered my questions."

    Overall — A
    Availability — A
    Office Environment — A
    Punctuality — A
    Staff Friendliness — A
    Bedside Manner — A
    Communication — A
    Effectiveness of Treatment — A
    Billing and Admin. — A

  • "I have been with Mosaic for close to 6 years for various fixes. I will not see anyone else except Sally and her carefully selected, friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are simply the best! Thank you for being such an awesome clinic. Feels like being treated by family. Above all, you fix what needs fixing."
    Joanna P.

  • "I just got an intense treatment from Sally. Not at all how I thought it was going to go. She is always doing new stuff to/for me according to what my body needs. She gave me a lot of homework(well, not a lot, just very often) I know that if I do it like she says, I will feel much better. Right now I'm thinking that I am glad I went in today. She really cares about my overall health and well being. Thanks Mosaic"
    Victoria K.

  • "I too love the way Sally uses different approaches to help with my aches and pains. I had polio, as a toddler, surgery on both hips and as I age different problems arise. I am always happy to try her "new and different ways". I get out of there always feeling better!!!!!!! :)"
    Ana B.

  • "Going here is something I like better than chocolate."
    Sharon C.

  • "This place is by far the best! Have been coming for years and would absolutely recommend to all of my family and friends."

  • "Love this place for Therapy and Massage. Sally and her team are amazing! Thanks for all the help over the years :)"
    Joanna P.

  • "This is the best place to get Physical Therapy ! I have several problems with aches and pains related to having had polio when I was two years old and the care I receive is the BEST!!"
    Ana B.

  • "I have loved my experience at Mosaic Physical Therapy! I went to Morgan for pre and post-natal massages. Not only were the massages wonderful but the whole experience was a great one. The front office staff is fantastic. The office manager called my insurance ahead of time, billed me on time and made sure appointments were running on schedule. I highly recommend!"
    Jessie H.

  • "After being diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer and going through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation my body was pretty worn out. I met Morgan Henry about nine months after I had a mastectomy and 16 lymph nodes removed under my arm. As much as I worked to get my range of motion back, I was stuck. I just could not lift my arm overhead without a lot of strain. When I came back to Morgan after our first session together it was obvious that she had thought a lot about my case. She spoke with her colleagues at Mosaic to get more background and each week came with new ideas of how to help me. And help me she did. I am seeing progress on a weekly basis that is a direct result of the massage therapy I receive from Morgan."

  • "I had an acute episode of terrible vertigo. Rosie from MOSAIC worked some serious magic with some vestibular rehab, and helped resolve my symptoms! I have also taken my daughter there for some ankle and shoulder instability and Sally and Adam were wonderful!"
    Kelly C.

  • "I love Sally. She is so knowledgeable and on the cutting edge for different techniques. She is also personable and totally relatable. If you haven't tried Mosaic yet you should. I am a cancer survivor and she knows more about the thing wrong with me and how to fix them than 80% of all the doctors I see and has a great way of explaining to me why my body is reacting the way it is from things I have put it thru. She is wonderful... give her a try!"
    A.V., Mountlake Terrace

  • "I appreciate the knowledgeable and friendly staff. They have been persistent and helpful in figuring out my complex shoulder issue. Not far from my home in Brier. Highly recommend!"

  • "I have been going to Mosaic for 2 years now. Adam is one of the best, along with everyone else there. They work me hard but I have gained so much strength from them."

  • "I highly recommend Mosaic to anyone who needs thempy. I had surgery on my right knee in December 2011 and was referred to Mosaic by my daughter who had gone there after her double hip replacement.

    Therapy can be distressing because of the pain involved in getting the joints to do what is needed. At Mosaic this was not the case. My first visit was so comfortable - I was treated as though I had been a long-time friend of the family. With each visit I was greeted by everyone in the office with a big smile and "How are you doing today'. I always received a call the day before to remind me of my appointment. The appointments were always on time - never any waiting.

    Adam, my therapist, was careful but thorough and always explained what he was doing. It was enjoyable visiting with him as we were both from the mid-west, my home being Hettinger, ND.

    I chose to have knee surgery in Seattle while spending my winter there. Therapy was a pleasant experience because of the people. Thank you Mosaic for helping me recover after the surgery."

    Violet O.

  • "Being retired from 24 years of active duty which included both Gulf wars and then some also presently working in law enforcement, the body and mind takes a pounding. Just returned from massage therapy with Rachael. Very relaxed and headache is gone. Bravo, job well done."

    Sonny A.

  • "I gladly recommend and endorse the treatment and the therapists at Mosaic Physical Therapy in Mountlake Terrace. I was referred to Mosaic and Sally for help with acute Lymphedema which developed immediately after my shoulder replacement surgery. Within two months Sally had restored enough function to the shoulder, arm, and hands so that therapy could begin. She knows and understands the lymph system better than anyone including many therapists or physicians.

    With a positive attitudes and encouragement Sally and Adam made me feel comfortable from the start. They are unwavering in their treatment and used a variety of techniques to bring me to positive, functional outcomes. The staff and other therapists are all interested and positive in each clients success and happily give high fives when goals are met. I was impressed with the kindness and diligence small children and challenged clients were treated. The office staff, as well, are friendly, accommodating with each client. Mosaic Therapy is great and I endorse their knowledge, skills and treatment for any one needing physical therapy."

    K.P. Lynnwood

  • "Rachael was deeply attentive and considerate. Her touch and body contact was strong and yet gentle. The effect was exhilarating and therapeutic. Highly recommended. This is definitely one of the best massage treatments I've ever had."

    S.A. of Mountlake Terrace, WA

  • "I am in love with this place. They are so helpful with your pain management, and always make you feel like you're a part of the family. I would recommend them to anyone!"

    Jiahna L.

  • "I wanted to let you know what a great facility you have as well as two great employees in Adam Main and Laura Murahashi. I was referred to Mosaic last November an obese 47 year old man with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Metabolic Syndrome. I weighed in at 308 pounds and didn't have the stamina to climb more than one flight of stairs without becoming very winded. My blood sugar was frequently higher than 450 and my A1C was over 13. Heading for an early grave.

    I started with an evaluation from Laura and then continued seeing both her and Adam. A year later I am finding myself at 251 pounds with lots of energy. Adam usually has me climb between 8 and 10 flights of stairs, up and down, and I am able to do it with ease. My blood pressure has completely normalized and my blood sugar normally sits between 80 and 120 with an A1C of 5.8. I work out usually 5-6 days a week including the two days a week at Mosaic and have never felt better. And Adam and Laura have large part to do with my progress. They both have figured out how to motivate me and I am in their debt. I want to thank you for working with me and their continued efforts going forward."

    Aaron J.

  • "I absolutely love this physical therapy office! I had previously had back surgery 4 years ago and I came to Mosaic for rehab. So it was no wonder when I got in a car accident and needed help, this was the 1st place I called! In pain and struggling to do daily tasks or even function was hard. After only a few appointments I was feeling extremely better! Still working hard and hopeful for the future!"

    Angela S.

  • "Adam,

    Thought of you this morning as I did my exercises that you gave to me for after surgery from the meniscus tear in my right knee.

    I want to thank you for your excellent therapy that you did for me. (7 or 8 sessions). My leg and knee are so much better. (Not perfect yet, but doing great). We just returned from a trip in France which involved much walking and stairs. I played my first game of golf last week and did quite well.

    Thanks a million and God bless you!"


  • "MOSAIC is awesome!!!

    I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis for two years and have done everything but surgery. With their approach and Rock Tape after only 3 treatments I'm able to put my full weight in my heel for first time in a year. What a great feeling."

    Kristina L.

  • "I had physical therapy at MOSAIC after ACL surgery and experienced no pain. Thanks to MOSAIC, I had a speedy and full recovery. I ran Tough Mudder a week and a half ago and felt great 9 months post-op."

    Michelle V.