• MOSAIC has been an amazing resource for the families I work with at Seattle Children’s Autism Center. The fact that MOSAIC offers a variety of services all under one roof is a huge advantage. With a family centered approach, you know the providers are communicating and coordinating their treatments, which makes a big difference when treating challenging neurodevelopmental conditions. Even more important, the quality of services provided by MOSAIC has always been stellar. I have a high confidence level when I know a family is working with providers from MOSAIC.

    Gary Stobbe, MD
    Director, Adult Transition Program | Autism Center
    Seattle Children's

  • We have referred several of our patients to MOSAIC and have been so impressed with all they do for our mutual patients! They are always so caring and friendly! They help not only children, but also help educate the parents. This is a great place for all your needs around occupational, speech, or physical therapy!

    Holly B.

  • My name is Lindsay and my son Mason is in speech therapy with Megan Larson. Mason will be four in March and since May, we have been working with Megan on a weekly basis to improve his speech. My husband and I are just thrilled with how far he has come in those eight months. From the time Mason started talking, I felt that he struggled slightly and was a bit behind where other kids his age were. Around his third birthday I not only noticed that more and more people were having a difficult time understanding him, I also realized that Mason was beginning to notice and get frustrated at having to repeat himself. I was so grateful when my pediatrician referred me to MOSAIC so that we could address his speech delays while he was still young. As a parent without training in speech and language pathology, I could only hope in the beginning that the therapist we would be assigned to would be able to guide and encourage our son in his motor planning and annunciation. Megan has done exactly that and more.
    It is evident that Megan genuinely cares about Mason. She is extremely patient with him when he has a hard time listening with his whole body as is typical for little boys. She also provides numerous types of homework and has such creative ideas for us to practice with Mason at home. Doing his speech "paperwork" as he calls it, is one of his favorite things. Through her ability to help Mason work on the various sounds that he was dropping, substituting or mispronouncing, she has instilled in him a confidence that I know would be lacking if he constantly had to repeat his every word. Before speech he would often get angry when we couldn't understand him and I believe that Megan's involvement has brought peace into our homes. Megan also has provided great advice for my husband and I in regards to making sure that we don't constantly correct Mason and in doing so keep him from feeling safe to communicate; to remember the key thing is to let him be him and to keep all lines of communication open. Mason is a more shy child by nature and during his preschool conference last week his teacher was sharing with me how he has really come out of his shell and is talking a ton in class. I know that Megan is partly to thank for this. Friends and family are also frequently telling me that they can understand him so much better and it just reaffirms our decision to seek out speech therapy, especially since it is not covered by our insurance.
    I also enjoy how friendly Caitlin and Kara, at the front desk, are each week. They definitely create a welcoming atmosphere.


  • As I prepare to move out of the country, I reflect on my team at MOSAIC. I have enjoyed my work here at MOSAIC as a speech language pathologist for past 5 years and I got an opportunity to work with an excellent set of colleagues!!! Kudos to a team of the best therapists in the state of Washington. All of you give your heart into what you do. I will miss working with all of you. Things I loved about working at MOSAIC:

    • A supportive environment that has been created by Andrea Duffield and the management team!! Thank you ?
    • All my coworkers who are excellent at what they do and have been so warm and friendly!
    • The fact that kids who come here get everything at one spot - the multi disciplinary system
    • Opportunity to learn from all different professionals here and incorporate it in your sessions
    • Everyone appreciates your creativity and passion you put into your everyday work
    • The collaboration between therapists to develop the best treatment plan for all kids
    • The fact that this clinic keeps growing every year...at least that's how it has been since I have been here.
    • Last but not the least the awesome kids you get to play with every day; they make your day with their smiles!!!

    Chandrima Chakraborty, M.S., CCC-SLP
    Speech Language Pathologist

  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I are with Ms. Megan Larson as our daughter's speech therapist. Previously, our daughter, Bryn had seen another speech therapist elsewhere, who she saw since she was 18 months old. Her speech therapist taught her many things but unfortunately as she grew older and more strong-willed, the speech therapist's techniques were not very successful. We would often hear Bryn having a tantrum as we entered the office to pick her up. We were told it lasted 20-30 minutes which meant that she only had 10- 20 minutes of successful therapy. It was heartbreaking to hear and see her so frustrated and upset when we picked her up and more importantly, we weren't seeing Bryn grow in her speech. Finally, I decided to get Bryn a new speech therapist at Mosaic Therapy.
    Bryn's first speech therapist at Mosaic was Ms. Erin Rodgers. She was "Excellent", unfortunately as the school year began, we couldn't fit her into Bryn's busy schedule. Luckily, we were able to find an equally wonderful Speech Therapist, Ms. Megan Larson. What I appreciate when I see Bryn working with Ms. Larson is that she makes therapy fun without a lot of fanfare. She is calm, easy going, and can gently guide Bryn out of frustrating situations while still focusing on the goal intended. She challenges Bryn in a way that is successful. This is so important because Bryn can be extremely strong willed and if you give her an inch she will take it and try to get more. One of the things that Ms. Larson has helped Bryn with is her ability to deal with conflict. My daughter tends to see things in a "straight cut" way. Things need to be done in a certain way, if not, she can shut down. However, since seeing Ms. Larson, Bryn has learned to be more gentle, tolerant and understanding of these situations. She still may get upset if you do something out of order or if something is used in a different way, but she is able to keep it together and regulate herself without having a meltdown. I have also learned so much from observing Ms. Megan Larson. The most important lesson my husband and I have learned is that we can be successful in teaching Bryn things without being so inflexible. We were taught to think that if we gave in to her, we were letting her take control of the situation and of us. However, we have learned that with our daughter, we can be flexible while still maintaining control and find success. In closing, Bryn is happier, she is learning and growing everyday and our family is less anxious. We now know how to be more supportive of her needs and her conditions.
    Lastly, I would like to say how extremely happy I am with all of Bryn's therapists at Mosaic. I see and feel their passion and dedication towards helping Bryn to be successful in school and life. They all are Bryn's heroes and I am so thankful she has them.

    Mary and James, parents of Bryn

  • To Everyone at Mosaic,
    We want to thank all of you for everything you have done for our family over the past 18 months, and not only our family but all families. You all work so hard to make a difference in our children's lives and we appreciate it so very much. The passion you have for these kids and my kids whether you are a therapist or admin shows. We have been so pleased and so blessed to have had the MOSAIC team supporting and guiding us these past 18 months. You have given us a great gift in showing us how to make a difference in our kids' lives. We are forever grateful for our MOSAIC family. Much Love

    Jen S.

  • My son, who is almost five years old, has been attending Mosaic for one year. The amount of progress he has made during this time is quite impressive; certainly, it exceeded my expectations. Our therapist has methodically worked with him in many different ways, most relating to sensory issues. When he started, he would not ever go barefoot; he now will go barefoot for a couple of hours at a time. He was unable to focus on activities or participate meaningfully while interacting with adults. He flailed around from one thing to the next without any intention or focus. I can now say that he has made tremendous progress in each of these areas and others! My little boy is engaging with me and wanting to play games, he has learned how to take turns, he listens and responds appropriately. Our therapist has taught us what we need to do to at home and what he needs physically (squeezes, etc) in order for him to stay in control of his body and continue to progress. There is much work to continue but due to the particular progress my son has made since beginning OT, I am certain that my son will continue to meet milestones, otherwise thought unattainable. I highly recommend MOSAIC.

    Charity H., Mom of Jackson