Lymphedema Management Program


Lymphedema treatment is beneficial for people who have an unusual accumulation of fluids in their legs, arms, and other body parts, those who have undergone lymph node removal, and those with certain venous disease. It can also help people to feel better after joint surgery or with chronic pain.

Our lymphedema therapist has been certified by Klose Training. She began treating patients with lymphedema in 2001 and attended the Advanced Lymphedema Training Clinic at the world famous Foeldi Clinic in Germany in 2005. She is happy to talk with you or your medical provider to see if Lymphedema Treatment would be beneficial to you.

Lymphedema Treatment

Complete Decongestive Therapy includes Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Compression Bandaging, Lymphatic Drainage Exercises, and recommendations for Skin Care and Activity modification. Modified CDT is also available if appropriate for the patient.

Manual Lymphatic (MLD) is a special form of massage. Most patients and professionals are initially surprised at how light the pressure is. MLD is effective at stimulating the lymphatic system to move fluid from congestive areas, and at re-routing fluid around impaired areas.

Compression Bandaging (CB) using special short-stretch bandages makes the natural pumping action of muscles more effective at moving fluid, and creates pressure gradients to influence where fluid accumulates.

Lymphatic Drainage Exercises (LDE) are often considered remedial exercises because they are gentle motions. When combined with deep breathing, and performed in a special sequence, the gentle movements promote lymphatic movement and decongestion. Exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of developing lymphedema in patients at risk for lymphedema.

Patient education on skin care and activity levels can help a patient avoid unnecessary relapses and empower a patient to notice how activity influences the lymphatic condition, ultimately helping a patient reach his/her goals.