MOSAIC Children's Therapy Clinic

  • Just passing along a heartfelt thank you for the services you offer at MOSAIC, and to both you and your staff. My son had his first social skills session this AM. Both he and I enjoyed meeting the kiddos/parents he was paired with, and am glad the first class went well. I appreciate how hard you all work to create and find environments to help each child (and us as parents) grow and learn in a positive and nurturing environment.
    Thank you for making a positive difference for my son and our family.

  • I wanted to share with all of you something that happened this week. I hope that it will uplift and encourage you as it has me.

    Yesterday, my daughter Ella and I made a trip to see her primary care pediatrician. She has been Ella's primary since Ella's 2nd birthday. She is the same doctor who at 2 and a half was giving us the referrals for speech therapy and autism testing. The purpose of our visit yesterday was to confirm my suspicion that she had croup.

    During the visit, Ella complied with all of her requests and answered her questions. (Granted, I had her mildly distracted and entertained playing Starfall on her tablet.) Our last visit with the pediatrician was her 5 year well-baby and it went horribly. She told me, this is amazing. Ella is functioning as a 5 year old should. She is talking and understandable. The doctor said you had a 2 year old who was obviously on the spectrum and if you had to assign a grade would have been at an F; come to now where she is at a B+ or A-. She said to look at her now; she shows the potential of having a successful, productive, "normal" life. I told her that we have her in a lot of therapy. She still remarked at how awesome it was and asked, who are these therapists?!? I proudly told her about receiving our wrap-around services at MOSAIC Eastside Children’s Therapy Clinic in Issaquah, and having her in a very supported environment at school. I told her I know Ella will always need some accommodation, but we keep her supported and learning coping skills and we have learned coping skills too. She told me just how awesome it was gave me a thumbs up and said keep it up. It's working, keep doing what you're doing.

    So to all of you who have been and still are involved in her support, I wanted to thank you. Thank you for the positive changes and development that you have helped to bring about. Thank you for your patience and expertise while working with her. Thank you for helping enrich our lives, especially hers. I wanted to let you know also from another medical opinion watching her from outside the close-knit support ring; that you are appreciated and your hard work has been noticed.

    It was a very heart-warming moment for me and I hope that it touches you too. Thank you for your awesome work thus far and keep it up.

    I could keep gushing, but I will end it here.

    Thank you,


  • MOSAIC has been an amazing resource for the families I work with at Seattle Children’s Autism Center. The fact that MOSAIC offers a variety of services all under one roof is a huge advantage. With a family centered approach, you know the providers are communicating and coordinating their treatments, which makes a big difference when treating challenging neurodevelopmental conditions. Even more important, the quality of services provided by MOSAIC has always been stellar. I have a high confidence level when I know a family is working with providers from MOSAIC.

    Gary Stobbe, MD
    Director, Adult Transition Program | Autism Center
    Seattle Children's

  • We have referred several of our patients to MOSAIC and have been so impressed with all they do for our mutual patients! They are always so caring and friendly! They help not only children, but also help educate the parents. This is a great place for all your needs around occupational, speech, or physical therapy!

    Holly B.

  • These people know how to take care of their customers! They go out of their way to make schedules work even with all my last minute changes. Jodi and Vera are always so willing to help! We had a specific instance where Tara helped me during a tantrum my little guy was having and we got through it. I was almost in tears and she saved the day.

    Amanda and Grace are amazing and our son is making great progress! We also love Karen! She does a great job and explains the how's and why's of what is going on! I HIGHLY recommend using MOSAIC. They are magical!


  • It hasn't been quite a week yet but just wanted to say thanks and let you know the Infant Reflux Wedge, custom made by you, has been amazing for our baby. She is finally able to sleep 4-5 hours through the night. She also hasn't had any milk coming out of her nose while laying on this. It still occurs every once in a while during diaper changes but I am thankful it hasn't happened in her sleep anymore.

  • I've gotten to speak with Melissa, the Behavioral Intake Coordinator, on a few different occasions and she is AMAZING!!! I've had such a great experience with her and thank you for hiring her!!!

    Honestly, I'm having a great experience with MOSAIC. You are all so wonderful. We love Kimberly and Hillary, both ABA therapists, and all the therapists Evan has had. Evan really enjoys his time with Hillary and he's starting to get excited when he's going to see her.

    We are so thankful that you are here for us and for the work you do.
    Take care,

  • My name is Lindsay and my son Mason is in speech therapy with Megan Larson. Mason will be four in March and since May, we have been working with Megan on a weekly basis to improve his speech. My husband and I are just thrilled with how far he has come in those eight months. From the time Mason started talking, I felt that he struggled slightly and was a bit behind where other kids his age were. Around his third birthday I not only noticed that more and more people were having a difficult time understanding him, I also realized that Mason was beginning to notice and get frustrated at having to repeat himself. I was so grateful when my pediatrician referred me to MOSAIC so that we could address his speech delays while he was still young. As a parent without training in speech and language pathology, I could only hope in the beginning that the therapist we would be assigned to would be able to guide and encourage our son in his motor planning and annunciation. Megan has done exactly that and more.

    It is evident that Megan genuinely cares about Mason. She is extremely patient with him when he has a hard time listening with his whole body as is typical for little boys. She also provides numerous types of homework and has such creative ideas for us to practice with Mason at home. Doing his speech “paperwork” as he calls it, is one of his favorite things. Through her ability to help Mason work on the various sounds that he was dropping, substituting or mispronouncing, she has instilled in him a confidence that I know would be lacking if he constantly had to repeat his every word. Before speech he would often get angry when we couldn’t understand him and I believe that Megan’s involvement has brought peace into our homes. Megan also has provided great advice for my husband and I in regards to making sure that we don’t constantly correct Mason and in doing so keep him from feeling safe to communicate; to remember the key thing is to let him be him and to keep all lines of communication open. Mason is a more shy child by nature and during his preschool conference last week his teacher was sharing with me how he has really come out of his shell and is talking a ton in class. I know that Megan is partly to thank for this. Friends and family are also frequently telling me that they can understand him so much better and it just reaffirms our decision to seek out speech therapy, especially since it is not covered by our insurance.

    I also enjoy how friendly Caitlin and Kara, at the front desk, are each week. They definitely create a welcoming atmosphere.


  • I cannot say enough good things about my experiences at MOSAIC with the children, staff members, and my supervisors. The OTs are all very helpful and supportive of student learning. This site provided countless opportunities for self-directed learning, leadership, and professional development. Kimmie McGarvey, Occupational Therapy Student

  • When he's hungry enough…he'll eat.

    I never make 2 meals. My kids have to eat whatever I make them.

    They get what I give them for dinner or they don’t get dessert.

    I've heard all of these things. I would just nod and go along with their thoughts that I caused my sweet boy’s picky eating habits, even though I knew he was different than those “other” picky eaters. I would laugh when my friends would say that their child was picky too and then ask them what they wanted off the menu at the restaurant where we were all dining. Really? Choices?

    I always knew Luke had something going on. He wouldn’t put his feet in the sand. He didn’t like getting his fingers, clothes, hands, anything dirty. He would completely meltdown if he got a “drip” of water on his clothes…and start pulling them off in a panic (usually at a location outside of our home without any backup clothes). I was always on edge anticipating the next meltdown. I finally talked to many “professionals” and researched on my own – diagnosing my son with Sensory Processing Disorder/Sensory Integration (SI) myself before being evaluated (and officially diagnosed) by a therapist.

    A few years of wonderful occupational therapy and a lot of homework at home and we are virtually SI free! They always say the last struggle we would face would be “food issues” with many in the past and some continuing into the present. It started with baby food. I was one of those moms who fed him baby food until he was in his 2’s. Not graduating into the toddler food, we continued feeding him the #1 pureed baby food with NO CHUNKS of any sort. It’s not that I didn’t try to feed him table food. He would gag at 98% of anything I gave him. As he grew, my son would only eat breaded chicken and potatoes for dinner. There was one brand of Costco chicken and Ian’s alphabet French fried potatoes that he would eat. I found a “green bean cracker” as we would call it for our veggie, which really was a dehydrated green bean. Thankfully that worked. We could not steer far from that for meals. Breakfast mostly consisted of Cheerios (brand specific again) and maybe yogurt (brand specific). He would eat toast with peanut butter (creamy – absolutely no chunky and that also was brand specific) for lunch. As NOT to get any on his fingers, the toasts had to be cut, eaten with a fork and include absolutely no crust. The toast also had to be cut in squares, as did the chicken. This has continued on for a few years.

    Last year, Luke was going to a private school for Kindergarten and was going to have lunch there. All summer I was fretting, as this school was PEANUT free! It took me 3 months to mix peanut butter with the creamiest of almond butters and a little added soy butter to get the right texture in order to slowly wean him off from the peanut butter to the special soy/almond mix that I perfected. (I was quite proud of myself, I must say). I do recall a few times where Luke smelled his lunch from 6 feet away and screamed out… “MOM! That’s not my peanut butter”!!!

    Everyday at school, I picked up my youngest son from half-day preschool and dropped off “peanut butter” toast cut in squares and open faced on a plate with a fork. EVERYDAY! His lunch did not change at any point during the entire school year. Peanut butter toast, yogurt and some berries.

    My life changed when Mansi Dalal, an occupational therapist at MOSAIC Children’s Therapy, suggested that Luke join a food therapy class. I chuckled and said under my breath…good luck. I told her we would try it and if he tried ONE NEW FOOD we would have had a win!

    Luke joined this food class and had many, many emotional hours of therapy. He would stress about it the day of our appointment. He would tell me he didn’t want to go anymore and he spent most of his time in “class” crying. BUT…we had a few wins and those grew and the tears became less and less! I don’t recall the first item that he tried…but I remember saying to the therapist…my son? Luke? My Luke tried that??? The tears after that were all mine. Happy tears. Joyful tears. I know many of the moms with “problem eaters” can relate to this.

    After a session, the class ended. We slipped back into our old eating habits and Luke wasn’t willing to consider trying anything. Another mom from the first class and I begged for the therapist to add a bit of food therapy to our scheduled OT. We happened to be going at the same time. We said we’d bring in the food and do whatever they needed us to do. They did. Luke started crying less and would say he was excited to go.

    Lately, he's been saying… “Yay today is food class. I'm so excited to see what new food we’re going to try today“. There are no more tears. In the past few months or more, Luke has learned to eat red and orange bell peppers, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, and ham sandwich on BREAD (not toast) with lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese, and tomatoes. He’s eaten hardboiled eggs (does at home now) and actually had a whole egg salad sandwich. He’s eaten pizza with chicken, peppers, peperoni, cheese, and olives. He eats noodles with red and white sauces. He also eats rice and even cookies. At his 7th birthday, he ate his cupcake. That was his FIRST birthday cake that he’s eaten… ever! Those were all new foods! He now eats chicken that isn’t breaded. I served rotisserie chicken from the store for the first time in 7 years. We more often than not prepare one meal (or close to it) for the family to enjoy. There are no tears. There is no frustration. Luke asks to try things now. YES, he asks. He’s tried new foods at home that he hasn’t tried in class. He eats a number of brands of granola bars that are both chewy and crunchy. It’s not just goldfish for snacks. There are so many options now.

    I used to cry with frustration and exhaustion and concern. Now, my tears are tears of joy. The therapists would come into the waiting area to tell me how the session went. For the longest time, they would start with… “Now, don’t cry…” --- That always got me. They would continue by saying “…he ate…”

    They recently told me that Luke is almost to the point of "graduation". I looked at them and said…NEVER! But, in actuality…he is. When I suggest that he tries a new food that we might be having, he will try it. Often I reward him with something…okay, bribe…but he will try it and likes it 9/10 times. These foods are often added to the ever-growing list of options. I am so grateful to Mansi Dalal, Karen Cherry, Nicole Taylor, Andrea Imlay and Julie, a student intern at MOSAIC.

    I cannot find the words to thank them for what they’ve done for my family, my son and me.

    Shared by Gina, Luke’s Mom.

  • As I prepare to move out of the country, I reflect on my team at MOSAIC. I have enjoyed my work here at MOSAIC as a speech language pathologist for past 5 years and I got an opportunity to work with an excellent set of colleagues!!! Kudos to a team of the best therapists in the state of Washington. All of you give your heart into what you do. I will miss working with all of you. Things I loved about working at MOSAIC:

    • A supportive environment that has been created by Andrea Duffield and the management team!! Thank you!
    • All my coworkers who are excellent at what they do and have been so warm and friendly!
    • The fact that kids who come here get everything at one spot – the multi disciplinary system
    • Opportunity to learn from all different professionals here and incorporate it in your sessions
    • Everyone appreciates your creativity and passion you put into your everyday work
    • The collaboration between therapists to develop the best treatment plan for all kids
    • The fact that this clinic keeps growing every year...at least that’s how it has been since I have been here.
    • Last but not the least the awesome kids you get to play with every day; they make your day with their smiles!!!

    Chandrima Chakraborty, M.S., CCC-SLP
    Speech Language Pathologist

  • Just want to say a HUGE thank you to Jacqueline Watson and MOSAIC Children's Therapy Clinic. In such a short time we have come from my son Patrick not even speaking to anyone in Kindergarten...to getting the student of the Month award in 2nd grade! Such amazing progress and it’s all thanks to you guys! One proud mama over here!


  • My son has been coming to Mosaic for the last 2 1/2 years. I wanted to take a moment to tell you how thankful I am for your clinic and how wonderful your staff is. He is being seen by Chandrima Chakraborty, MS,CCC-SLP, Jacqueline Watson, OTR/L and our newest therapists are Kim Kokias, M.Ed,BCBA and Lindsey Duncan,BA for ABA. These therapists are simply the best. They are phenomenal at doing their jobs but are even better at treating us as a family unit. Whenever we have needed support, understanding and stability in an ever-changing world of autism they have been there to help.

    Today for example, my son was having an off day. He had ABA for 2 hours, OT with Jacqui and then transitioned to Chandrima. He was tired and evidently not feeling his best. He began to cry and be so sad. Jacqui came in and tried to help settle him; he cheered up but was not able to continue his speech. Chandrima brought him out to the waiting room and had Caitlin call me. By the time I got there Chandrima was sitting on the blue wedge cushion soothing him with his head in her lap. Standing next to them were Kim and Lindsey all there to help and give support. I couldn't have asked for more; from Caitlin calling, to each of the therapists helping him through this day. I am truly grateful and blessed to have them on my son’s team.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,

    Tiffany S.

  • Before we enrolled our daughter, age 4, to Fun with Feeding class, our meal time was very stressful. It often ended with her crying and screaming, leaving us feeling defeated and like failures every time. I have noticed over the years that her initial reaction to "new" things is always "No!"; this included new food as well. She would not look at the food nor have it on her plate. She would scream until it was out of her sight. So, when her speech therapist told me about "Fun with Feeding" class, I signed up immediately.

    The main thing I've learned from this class is that eating, for kids, is a learning process. Like everything else that kids learn, they need to learn by touching the food, playing with it and exploring it in many different ways. It took me a while to get used to this concept and be ok with her "playing" with food. At the beginning, my daughter was not willing to even touch many new foods. She would strongly reject with her usual whining, crying and outbursts. However, slowly but surely, I started to see some changes in her. She started to accept the food being on her plate, and then she was more willing to touch it.

    She still had her occasional outburst, especially when a new food was introduced. When she realized that it was ok to spit the food out if she didn't like it she showed more interest in new food. She also got many praises just for trying. Soon she started to ask what we were having for dinner; instead of her usual reaction with "NO! I don't like that!" she started to say "Will I like it?". My reply is "I hope so, but I don't know for sure until you try it and tell me". We soon introduced a "No thank you bite" policy where we encourage her to have at least one bite before she can say she doesn't like it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But, we are just thrilled to see her becoming more relaxed toward food, and meal time is much less stressful.

    Fun with Feeding class is not an overnight fix for picky eaters. It does provide new perspectives and understanding on kids' behavior along with tools to help them and parents. We are very happy with the program and grateful for her progress.

    T.A. (Mother)

  • “I just wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I are with Ms. Megan Larson as our daughter’s speech therapist. Previously, our daughter, Bryn had seen another speech therapist elsewhere, who she saw since she was 18 months old. Her speech therapist taught her many things but unfortunately as she grew older and more strong-willed, the speech therapist's techniques were not very successful. We would often hear Bryn having a tantrum as we entered the office to pick her up. We were told it lasted 20-30 minutes which meant that she only had 10- 20 minutes of successful therapy. It was heartbreaking to hear and see her so frustrated and upset when we picked her up and more importantly, we weren't seeing Bryn grow in her speech. Finally, I decided to get Bryn a new speech therapist at Mosaic Therapy.

    Bryn's first speech therapist at Mosaic was Ms. Erin Rodgers. She was "Excellent", unfortunately as the school year began, we couldn't fit her into Bryn's busy schedule. Luckily, we were able to find an equally wonderful Speech Therapist, Ms. Megan Larson. What I appreciate when I see Bryn working with Ms. Larson is that she makes therapy fun without a lot of fanfare. She is calm, easy going, and can gently guide Bryn out of frustrating situations while still focusing on the goal intended. She challenges Bryn in a way that is successful. This is so important because Bryn can be extremely strong willed and if you give her an inch she will take it and try to get more. One of the things that Ms. Larson has helped Bryn with is her ability to deal with conflict. My daughter tends to see things in a "straight cut" way. Things need to be done in a certain way, if not, she can shut down. However, since seeing Ms. Larson, Bryn has learned to be more gentle, tolerant and understanding of these situations. She still may get upset if you do something out of order or if something is used in a different way, but she is able to keep it together and regulate herself without having a meltdown. I have also learned so much from observing Ms. Megan Larson. The most important lesson my husband and I have learned is that we can be successful in teaching Bryn things without being so inflexible. We were taught to think that if we gave in to her, we were letting her take control of the situation and of us. However, we have learned that with our daughter, we can be flexible while still maintaining control and find success. In closing, Bryn is happier, she is learning and growing everyday and our family is less anxious. We now know how to be more supportive of her needs and her conditions.

    Lastly, I would like to say how extremely happy I am with all of Bryn's therapists at Mosaic. I see and feel their passion and dedication towards helping Bryn to be successful in school and life. They all are Bryn's heroes and I am so thankful she has them.

    Mary and James, parents of Bryn

  • I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how impressed we are with Irene Kotulak, COTA and how she handles OT with our son. Gabriel is 4 and has a rare form of muscular dystrophy. In the few short months that we have seen Irene, her patience and extra effort to explain Sensory Processing Disorder to us has made more of a tangible difference in our lives than our past few years of OT (not at Mosaic). We are more clearly able to understand what Gabe is going through and how we can help him process sensory input better. This was not something that was ever clearly explained to us before.

    This has made such a difference in how we handle our son at home. We have not had training on SPD before meeting Irene and she has given us the tools that were exactly what we needed. She always explains her therapy to us clearly and in a way that we can understand and apply to our home life. Last night, we used her techniques for a haircut and it was the first time that my son didn't scream and freak out at having his haircut. It may seem like a small thing, but for our family it was a huge breakthrough. All of these little moments add up to a much better quality of life for my son.

    Additionally, Irene was able to immediately develop a rapport with my son who normally doesn't like new therapists right away. Gabe has spent his life in and out of doctors clinics, hospitals and therapy schools and he is generally fed up with having more appointments with new doctors and therapists. But with Miss Irene, he enjoys going to OT. She talks to him on his level and always treats him as a special person and makes him feel good going to therapy. He feels successful after her class and that is such a big deal to a preschooler.

    Irene has gone out of her way to make a big difference for our family and we are thankful that we met her at MOSAIC. Keep up the good work.

    Wendy, Gabriel’s Mom.