Jason Fields


Jason Fields is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst that has worked with children with special needs since 2013. Jason received his bachelor's degree in 2012 from Oberlin College and majored in East Asian Studies, focusing on Chinese language and history. Jason received his master's degree in 2014 from the University of West Florida, majoring in Education and focusing on applied behavior analysis.

Jason has extensive training in decreasing problem behaviors in children with autism, increasing functional communication skills, and discrete trial training. Jason has provided behavior analytic services in the clinical, home, community, and school settings to clients ranging in ages 18 months to 21 years. Jason has extensive experience designing behavioral programs that focus on increasing adaptive behaviors as functional replacement skills.

Jason has worked in an international setting as an instructor using evidence-based teaching strategies at The Children's Institute in Hong Kong. Through this experience, Jason became proficient in discrete trial training procedures and making data-based decisions to improve learning outcomes. He has also worked extensively with U.S. military families from diverse backgrounds. He strives to tailor all behavioral programs to the individual needs of each family in order to achieve outcomes in their natural environments. Jason has also worked at the director level, where he focused on intensive training to parents and therapy providers.

Jason is passionate about his work with children, and always seeks to build a collaborative team between professionals, caregivers, and families to meet his clients' needs. Jason moved to Seattle and joined MOSAIC Rehabilitation in 2017 as a Consultant.